Libellula WIZARD

Nesting, parameters and machine programming in only 4 steps.

The software for programming cutting machines signed by Libellula is Libellula.WIZARD, structured to become the best CAD/CAM application for programming cutting machines of any type.

Geometry without borders

Developed by Libellula engineers and programmers, Libellula.WIZARD has the aim to enclose, in a highly advanced system, the characteristics of the software for programming of laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, oxyfuel cutting machines and waterjet cutting machines. Its distinguishing feature is the versatility of use and the possibility to be used on multiple machines in the company. The three versions of Libellula.WIZARD possess distinctive features that fit the needs of the production business. But they share important features such as the ability to be used on touch and multi-touch screen terminals, import DXF/DWG and develop special drawings from a library of templates.

  • Wizard that removes the learning needs: Zero Training
  • Realistic simulation in 3D

Libellula.WIZARD 1:

Single Icon CAD/CAM programming software

Libellula.WIZARD 1 can be considered as the input configuration of your environment wizard. The software for programming of laser cutting machines, plasma, oxyfuel and waterjet, allows you to import DXF/DWG files and arrange them in order on individual sheets to minimize scrap. The software helps the user to optimize the installation times: the operator has the task of indicating the form of the attack and its placement only for the first detailed sheet, the others will be performed in an automatic manner.

The operator has the task of pointing out parameters during the cutting path, as well as all the basic parameters for the product creation.

Libellula.WIZARD 2:

Die CAD/CAM-Software
mit automatischer Verschachtelung

The second configuration available for Libellula WIZARD provides a further boost to the production process.
In addition to having the functions of the first configuration, the production company can use WIZARD 2 to generate a list of different parts to cut, and indicate their respective amounts. The automatic nesting will identify the best positioning to minimize scrap.

Libellula.WIZARD 3:

The CAD/CAM software with nesting and automatic cutting path

Libellula.Wizard 3 represents the ultimate software for programming any kind of cutting machine. Libellula.Wizard 3 will automatically find the best location for every part and calculates the best possible cutting path. While the operator intervention is reduced to zero: Wizard 3 will massively advance and improve your company's manufacturing technology and workflow.

Technical Specifications

A technologically advanced system created by the best engineering minds

  • Touch screen interface for easy usage and management on touch monitors
  • Intuitive Interface to reduce instruction times to zero "Zero Training philosophy"
  • One-Click philosophy that minimizes the time spent in part creation. The software will suggest the machine programming procedure.
  • Simulation in a realistic environment ensures that the generated production process is correct.
  • Comes preloaded with a large number of parametric figures which are commonly used to accelerate the production cycle

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