All geometrical parameters in just One Click.

Not just a software but a true corporate philosophy.
Libellula is the system capable of transforming the traditional procedures used in the cutting metal industry into a new, highly effective process where the highest technology and the most avant-garde programming join together at their best.


The One-Click philosophy ends the calculations and typical operational difficulties of waterjet machines. By using technologies that operate in perfect synergy this optimizes your process. This is the result of the best engineering minds in Libellulas R&D department and deep efficiency analysis.

Intelligent Shape Analyzer

The ISA (Intelligent Shape Analyzer) is the technology that defines the most suitable positioning for your cutting machine. Unlike ordinary sheet metal cutting software, ISA identifies the most effective nesting methods in order to reduce waste. The software is able to operate autonomously without any intervention of the operator regarding the positioning parameters.

Quality Level Check

In the machined metal market accuracy and quality are making the difference: from here QLC was born, the Quality Level Check of Libellula, verifies the values of the results allowing the entry in production processes only to certain quality parameters. Users will submit the results that are not suitable for the process, and the system will automatically reassign them into production.

Ready to cut

The operating arm of Libellula.CUT system is RTC (ready to cut). The operator only needs to import the file and Libellula.CUT identifies the best path and the most efficient cutting method. This results in the best product in the shortest possible time.

Technical Specifications

Intuitive, Integrated, Automatic beyond borders

  • Clear control and immediate learning panel
  • Automatic processing without any user interference.
  • Integration with other CAD, ERP and CAM applications.
  • Perfected for every cutting machine.

Excellent results while reducing costs

  • Waste reduction due to refined nesting
  • Better performance, reduced production time
  • Reduce the number of piercings needed
  • Increased lifetime of consumables due to more efficient cutting

Maximum productivity in the shortest possible time

  • ISA automatisiertes Management für die Ausführung spezifischer Schnitte: Verschachtelung für Mehrkopfschneiden für präzise Ergebnisse und maximale Qualität.
  • Properties are always verified by QLC, guarantee of excellence.
  • Each cut can be produced with different qualitative technologies.

Switch to Libellula – management of automatic lines FMS

  • Automatic Loading/unloading
  • Automatic sorting
  • Automatic collision test

Optimized production process

  • Fast and immediate production orders with mod.ORDER
  • Inventory Management of sheet metal and remnant, always supervised with mod.STORAGE

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