HyPrecision waterjet pumps

The new HyPrecision™ predictive pumps are equipped with the patented Seal Maintenance Technology™ and maintenance-friendly features, which significantly reduce maintenance costs and interruptions due to unplanned maintenance work. With standard features such as our proven Advanced Intensifier Technology™ and closed-loop proportional pressure control, these latest generation waterjet systems offer even more consistent cut quality, while providing improved reliability and simple, straightforward maintenance.

Designed and built to keep you up and running.

Our latest-generation HyPrecision waterjet pumps are the first waterjet pumps with predictive maintenance features that significantly reduce maintenance costs and disruptions due to unplanned maintenance. Equipped with standard features such as our proven Advanced Intensifier Technology and proportional closed-loop pressure control, our new pumps provide you with even more consistent cut quality while ensuring trouble-free operation and reliability.

Higher productivity and lower maintenance costs

Seal Maintenance TechnologyTM increases the service life of seals by up to 40%. The system monitors the leakage behavior and informs you in time if the seals of the pressure intensifiers need to be replaced - this saves costs caused by replacement too early or too late! This increases productivity, minimizes waste and saves time, trouble and money.

Improved reliability and ease of service

The new HyPrecision Predictive Pumps contain 10% fewer parts than previous generation pumps: A color-coded junction box, wiring harnesses and quick couplings, and an easily accessible pressure relief valve. This makes maintenance work faster, easier and more cost-effective.

Enhanced security

Standard on HyPrecision "S" Series waterjet pumps: The transparent cover allows the operator to see the pressure intensifier and dampener. Optional electrical interlocks can be used to better prevent unauthorized access. They can be programmed to automatically stop the pump when opened. Seal maintenance technology also includes a drip tray that keeps oil and water splashes away from the surface - and the floor.

Seal Maintenance TechnologyTM increases productivity and improves safety in the workshop.

Say goodbye to unsightly puddles in the work area and unplanned downtime due to seal failures. Hypertherm's patented gasket maintenance technology eliminates the guesswork of repairing today's amplifiers. Only from Hypertherm - an unstoppable force in waterjet!

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