Abrasive Dosing System WPA-ADS300

Abrasive Dosing System WPA-ADS300

We are very pleased to present you our new abrasive dosing system WPA-ADS300.

Our system is suitable for any water jet system and has been designed for completely autonomous and trouble-free operation. Advanced technology allows us to guarantee a continuous supply of abrasive. The new WPA-ADS300 consists of an abrasive storage tank and a high pressure supply tank. The electronic control unit ensures a continuous supply of abrasive and controls the pneumatic components of the WPA-ADS300. The adjustable pneumatics allow infinitely variable control of the abrasive supply.

The abrasive is easily transported over longer distances with the help of compressed air, so there are no limits to the installation of the system and even several systems can be supplied with one dosing system.

Technical data:

Electrical connection:230V AC, 50Hz
Electrical cable:3-polig, 1.5mm²
Power usage:max. 200 W
Fuse:6 A (extern)
Safety:Seperates Erdungskabel
Druckluftverbrauch:5-6 bar, 10 m³/h
Abrasiv Vorratsbehälter Fassungsvermögen300 kg
Volumen Hochdruck-Versorgungstank13.5 dm³
Benötigte Schläuche:8-10 mm (für Abrasiv Transport)
12 mm Druckluftschlauch
Dimensions:Länge: 700 mm
Breite: 740 mm
Höhe: 1140 mm
Gewicht: ca. 0.1 t
Installationsfläche:ca. 1 m²
Inspektionsintervall:Nach individuellem Wartungsrhytmus
Emissions:Keine Staubbelastung
Noise:< 70 dBA bei 1 m Distanz
Radiation:Keine Vorhanden

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